Our People

Hey, this is Jorge and of course, you are here to know about the people working behind this awesome page. Well, before we get into that I would like to share how we got the idea to start the page and where it all began.

What’s special about the MT Group?

You already know what the MT stands for. We are basically a team of three sports enthusiasts, or to be more specific – Cycling is what we do.

We organize workshops and meetups with the backdrop of Cycling added to it.

I was thinking to start up my blog series for a long time now, but with no clue how to get started! That’s when the event Race Across America or better known as RAAM was shown on the television.

Our aim is to spread health awareness, for a cleaner and better environment. This will eventually help in creating stronger communities and a Happy World!

Admins @ the MT Group

Jorge M Riley –  The main propagator of the page, and a big foodie!

Claire R Adams – She is already a fitness expert, and here to share her experiences with us.

Janice D Sims – She handles all the techie stuff required for this blog to run.

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